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Mobile Gaming at its finest

Mobile Gaming at its Finest: The Block party Game Truck

There are hundreds of kids’ party themes that range from cartoon characters to cool jobs like astronaut or military themes. It is easy to take out a birthday party idea from a website and do-it-yourself, from the invitations down to the cake. But wouldn’t it be more memorable and less tedious if you celebrate outside your home? Maybe start the party on the road as you travel to a restaurant who will handle the small army when the time comes to blow the candles on the cake? Sounds like an awesome birthday party idea, but you don’t have millions to spend on a trailer truck. So why not hand the job over to a party game truck?

A party game truck is a birthday party idea is perfect for the celebrator and his/her friends who love video games. The game truck holds several wide HD screens, different gaming consoles, and multiplayer platforms perfect for kids’ party entertainment. The Block Party Game Truck based in Rancho Cucamonga, California boasts such services in addition to a limo-style, climate controlled interior and stereo sound system.

With the Block Party Game Truck, you can entertain up to 16 children or 12 adult guests. There are over 50 game titles available aboard, and you can choose from Xbox, Wii, or PlayStation 3 consoles. Up to 24 people can play simultaneously in a comfortable environment, thanks to its quiet generator and controlled climate that makes sure the inside of the trailer is in a “just right” temperature. As a parent, you also don’t have to worry about your children sitting down and tapping buttons all day. There are Xbox Kinect games as well as Wii dance games which can be used for a little fun party competition.

The Block Party Game truck is not just for kids’ parties. Adults can rent it for a little game time with friends and co-workers. For inquiries, call (888) 606-2021 or visit for more details.

10 Reasons to Choose Block Party Game Truck for your Next Event

  1. It’s for everyone – Think it’s only for the kids? Watch how grown men transform to little children when the party game truck this cool hits the streets. Anyone who knows how to have fun will love playing in our awesome video gaming trailer.
  2. It’s for every occasion – The party game truck is a unique kid’s birthday party idea, but you can also rent it for sports team parties, graduations, corporate events, reunions, promotions, grand openings, and more!
  3. You only need to give us two things: a call and a parking space – The party game truck can be set up anywhere there is parking space; in schools, churches, parks, sports field, business establishments, even just outside your home.
  4. We make sure you’re comfortable – The climate of the video game truckinterior is controlled to make sure it’s not too hot or too cold. Our generator is also super quiet so you can concentrate on winning.
  5. And we take most of the job off your hands – No need to hire clowns and princesses. The video game truck is an excellent kid’s party entertainment in itself. A game coach on board is available to supervise your children, too.
  6. Sit back and look at your kid’s wide grin or your husband’s childish laughter – after playing in our game truck. Their happiness spells greater value for your money compared to inflatable parties and other events.
  7. Laser light show – Inside the trailer? Yay!
  8. Xbox 360? Check – PlayStation 3? Xbox Kinect? Wii? Check, check, check!
  9. From Xbox Kinect games to Wii dance games – Over 50 titles available on board!
  10. Overall, it’s a unique mobile gaming experience – For playing with your friends inside a super cool truck, you get bragging rights, too.

The Block Party Game Truck serves the Greater Inland Empire area. Contact us at (888) 606-2021 or visit our website,

Top 3 Options for Kids’ Party Entertainment

Coming up with kids’ party entertainment can be challenging when your child says he/she’s no longer a baby, but you know he/she’s far from growing armpit hairs. Parents often make the mistake of coming up with their own party ideaswithout asking their child what he/she wants. Involving your child in planning his/her own birthday party will make it a little more exciting and makes for great bonding.

Now if you’re planning a surprise for someone who’s no longer a baby but is not yet a responsible young adult, you can resort to tried and tested kids’ party entertainers. But what if your kid wants it to be cool? Check out the top 3 options you can choose from to make sure he/she gets the best kids’ party entertainment.

3. An army of entertainers – Clowns, princesses, fairies, balloon twisters, mascots, cartoon characters, magicians… the possibilities of impersonation are endless. A child up to five years old may still be fascinated with princesses and cartoon characters, but older kids would only be momentarily mesmerized and then run away. Magicians and balloon twisters may hold their fascination much longer, but really, can’t you get more creative?

2. A karaoke machine – Talk about fun party idea for everyone. The karaoke machine is definitely for kids and adults alike. It’s a perfect idea, if only the neighbours could understand…

1. A party game truck – Still looking for the coolest kids’ party entertainment? You’ve come to the right place. The Block Party Game Truck based in Ranch Cucamonga serves the best mobile gaming experience in town. From Xbox games to Wii dance games, everyone’s invited. Have your child and his/her friends roam the neighbourhood aboard while you prepare the birthday cake. A game coach supervises the group, and you don’t have to worry!

We’d like to serve you in your kid’s birthday parties! Call the Block Party Game Truck at (888) 606-2021 or visit our website at

Making Your Child’s Birthday Special

When planning for a kids’ party, it is important that you do not run out of freshbirthday party ideas. Some parents think that this particular social gathering is so easy to conduct but oftentimes, this is not the case. There are times when you see children who are getting bored while others want to go home. Luckily, there is a way to keep the visitors busy and at the same time enjoy the party. Hiring a party truck to do all the work for you is the best solution and you do not have to worry about anything.

Children will definitely love the birthday party games which are in store for them. The gaming environment is so cool with all the wonderful computer games and gizmos. Check the web and look for reviews about this party company. Managing your child’s birthday special is a tedious task and you might not be able to do it alone. Trust the party truck to give your kid an unforgettable birthday celebration which he will always remember and will be looking forward to for the years to come.

The only thing that the game truck requires is a parking area. Once everything has been settled, the children can come to the trailer and enjoy the comfort and style. The playing area is very spacious and a total of 16 children can be accommodated at a single time. You do not have to worry about the temperature inside the game truck because the climate-control technology was used to enhance the services.

If your place is located in San Bernardino and Riverside County, it is advised that you get in touch with the Block Party Game Truck whose main business address is located at Rancho Cucamonga CA. Their web site and company telephone number is open on a 24/7 basis.


5 Tips on Choosing the Best Entertainment for your Kid’s Party

Know what your child wants. Very young children are usually enthralled by magicians and performers, but what if your kid becomes too old for that? Involve your child in coming up with a party idea, and allow him/her to help you organize. If you are planning a surprise party then get party ideas from the things he/she likes. Does your child love animals? Have a safari-themed party or bring your child and his friends to a zoo or natural history museum. How about cupcakes? Have a cupcake decorating party at your backyard. Is your child a blossoming dancer? Rent the Block Party Game Truck for a round of Xbox Kinect games or Wii dance games that your child and his/her friends will surely enjoy.

  1. Know your audience. The basis of your choice for kids’ party entertainment lies in the age group of your audience. As mentioned above, performers are a good choice for young children, but those a little older may enjoy interactive activity like karaoke or Wii party games.
  2. Consider location and theme. Will the party be held in the backyard, in a restaurant, or around the neighbourhood in a game truck? Once you consider a location, you can come up with a theme. Always keep in mind that the theme party idea should be based on your child’s interests.
  3. Observe safety. No matter where the party is, never leave children unattended. Make sure an adult supervises kids’ party games. If you are renting a mobile gaming truck for your kid’s birthday party, make sure you or an adult accompanies them.
  4. Scout… and have fun. Visit the locations where you plan on celebrating your kid’s birthday party. Check out the activities the facility has to offer. If you had fun, chances are, your kid will love it, too.

The Block Party Game Truck serves the Inland Empire area and can be rented for kids’ birthday parties, bar mitzvah, sports team parties, grand openings, and more. Book now by calling (888) 606-2021 or visit

New Block Party Game Truck Website!

We’re proud to announce that we’ve launched an updated, fully functional website! We will be updating the gallery with pictures from Events and Parties we attend. Be sure to check out the new site entirely and let us know what you think! Tell your friends, family, co-workers Block Party Game Truck is taking this one for the win!

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