Top 3 Options for Kids’ Party Entertainment

Coming up with kids’ party entertainment can be challenging when your child says he/she’s no longer a baby, but you know he/she’s far from growing armpit hairs. Parents often make the mistake of coming up with their own party ideaswithout asking their child what he/she wants. Involving your child in planning his/her own birthday party will make it a little more exciting and makes for great bonding.

Now if you’re planning a surprise for someone who’s no longer a baby but is not yet a responsible young adult, you can resort to tried and tested kids’ party entertainers. But what if your kid wants it to be cool? Check out the top 3 options you can choose from to make sure he/she gets the best kids’ party entertainment.

3. An army of entertainers – Clowns, princesses, fairies, balloon twisters, mascots, cartoon characters, magicians… the possibilities of impersonation are endless. A child up to five years old may still be fascinated with princesses and cartoon characters, but older kids would only be momentarily mesmerized and then run away. Magicians and balloon twisters may hold their fascination much longer, but really, can’t you get more creative?

2. A karaoke machine – Talk about fun party idea for everyone. The karaoke machine is definitely for kids and adults alike. It’s a perfect idea, if only the neighbours could understand…

1. A party game truck – Still looking for the coolest kids’ party entertainment? You’ve come to the right place. The Block Party Game Truck based in Ranch Cucamonga serves the best mobile gaming experience in town. From Xbox games to Wii dance games, everyone’s invited. Have your child and his/her friends roam the neighbourhood aboard while you prepare the birthday cake. A game coach supervises the group, and you don’t have to worry!

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